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GCA Introduction

The Department of Graphic Communication Arts (GCA), established in 1955, is one of the original three departments in the university. Keeping up with changing times and technologies, the department began as the Printing Technology and Arts when the school was founded, changed into to the Department of Graphic Arts when the school was upgraded to four-year college, and finally integrated arts, technology, and communication media, turning into the Department of Graphic Communication Arts. Within sixty eight years of dedication, the Department of Graphic Communication Arts nurtures thousands of talent alumni.

Four Core Majors


The department trains students with basic graphic, basic design, basic software, and courses such as print media, package design, multimedia and webpage design.                      


The department offers dark room and photography creation skills. Furthermore the edition, processing, and effects of traditional and digital image, or image-processing courses.          


The department helps student to establish capabilities of printing technology i.e. Flexo printing, offset printing, gravure printing, screen Printing, print production, and operating of print machinery. Meanwhile, educates students with the concepts of economics, accounting, management, marketing, and print estimating.


Cultivates students layout design, typography, publication production, computer layout competencies and digital publishing, digital media integration and other related technologies.                   


HAN FENG NIENFull Professor

Hsieh Yung Cheng Full Professor

Chen Chang Lang
Full Professor/ Department Chair/Director of the Extension Education Center

Lee Yi Yeh Full Professor

Chiu Pai Ho Full Professor

Tai Meng Tsung
Associate Professor/Director of Computer Center

LIAO PEI LING Associate Professor

YANG HSUAN JUI Associate Professor

LEE KUO KUN Associate Professor
GOU GHENG GI Administrative Officer/Instructor
CHANG YEN TING Administrative Assistant/ Instructor
CHENG YU SHAN Administrative Assistant
The professional staff
Professional Faculty of rich experience in industry, official and university
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